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In class we are planning and writing our own riddles. See if you can have a go at writing your own riddle about a chosen object.

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Tell me all about it!


Hello everyone…

I’m going to try & get all the photo’s up from everything that we did during our Mexico day.

What was your favourite activity that you took part in and why?

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Fancy a challenge?


I’ve got a challenge for you all…

Look on the website below to see what information you can find about what schools are like in Mexico:

If you manage to find anything – write it down and bring it into school so we can add it to our display about Mexico.

Good Luck :-)  

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Mexico Day


Hello 2b,

Don’t forget next Tuesday we are having a Mexico day! We will be doing lots of fun activities including cooking Mexican food, doing art work to celebrate a traditional Mexican festival and learning a Mexican dance.

I hope you have got your Mexican outfit at the ready (dress in the Mexican flag colours or look at what typical Mexican wear)!

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Key Stage 1 Christmas Production

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Oompa Loompa Dance!


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Anti-bullying week


This week is Anti-bullying week.

Anti-Bullying Week sends a clear and positive message that bullying is neither acceptable or inevitable in our schools and communities. Anti-Bullying Week 2010 will take place from 15-19 November. This year we are looking at the importance of Taking action together.

Bullying will only stop if we take action together but we know that significant numbers of children and young people who witness bulling still don’t tell anyone or take action to stop it. It might also be parents and carers, other adults and schools and communities who turn a blind eye or don’t take action to stop bullying.

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Roald Dahl


What is your favourite Roald Dahl book?

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Welcome to 2B’s Blog


Welcome to our class blog. We will be writing blogs about our topics. Please leave a comment and we will try and reply. Thanks!

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